March 24, 2006

Open invitation to all our wonderful local entrepreneurs.

Aditya Muralidhar is just fifteen and has given his Class Ten exams.
He lives in Besant Nagar and attends a school in Adyar.
He has many interests. They include computers, graphics, gaming and reading books.
Aditya has a long summer holiday before him and he is looking for a summer occupation. And he is serious.
Last week's 'Jottings' has attracted a stream of e-mails from young people in school or those who are about to move out.
I had written on summer jobs for senior school children and the idea triggered different thoughts in different people.
And Aditya was one of them.
Some people thought I was about to start a Summer Job Placement Agency because I had asked them for CVs! I never knew many people would take my word so seriously. Thank god we did not have dozens of people besieging our office managers!
But the stream of queries has encouraged me to make this open invitation to all our wonderful managers, store owners, IT company executives and local entrepreneurs.
It would be a nice gesture on their part if they came forward to offer small, short-term assignments to talented young people in the neighbourhood who could enjoy this summer, a great assignment and some pocket money.
It took me some time to wonder what I could offer a young kid who would push me for an assignment at our newspapers.
Then the ideas began to tumble.
If there was a young person who was good at Adobe Photoshop, we could ask him/her to help design a few of our adverts and then hang around on the weekend to learn how we design our newspapers.
Or if there was someone who was good at photography, we could ask him/her to tag along with my colleagues, Dhanasekhar, Saravanan and Rajesh, learn the tricks of the profession and shoot some pictures for our stories and earn a byline.
Or if there was someone who wanted to go into marketing, then I could put them on to our senior marketing persons, Sebastian, Chrystal Easdon and Narayani Ravikumar, to follow-up on the calls they made and service our clients.
Clearly, similar assignments can be made out by businesses in Adyar, Mylapore, Velachery, K. K. Nagar . . . wherever. Companies and stores can come forward with small assignments for our young people.If they do send us their needs, we are willing to put them out in our community newspapers and hope young people will respond.
I am sure a small IT firm in Adyar can make use of young Aditya's skills and enterprise.
Give him a call folks. If he signs up, I'll be rewarded with an ice cream for summer.
That is my deal with Aditya!


kausikram krishnasayee said...

The IT companies can offer a job for a while may be, but the thing that would really satisfy today's youth would be a hand at some kind of voluntary service. A job with an NGO, or something as you wrote in your previous comment. With elections round the corner may be the younger group of the society can go about on an awareness campaign.

Siddharth said...

hello sir,I am a final year Engg student...i am pretty comfortable with Adobe Photoshop and would like to take up the job that u had suggested as i have a lot of free time if u have an opening currently please let me know..
my mail id is
If u want to see some of my earlier works please do ask..
thank you

RGMLK said...

Sir, I have a few queries regarding the Journo Workshop.

1. Can I write a report on anything, city-wise or country-wise, or need I keep it Adyar-related?

2. Can I do a report which is a compilation from the net, and isn't my original work?

I know this'll sound stupid, but...
3. Can I submit more than one report?

Thanks in Advance!

Padmaja J said...

The summer job culture is picking up in India, but very slowly. My next door boy is willing to maintain a garden in someone's compound for a month!

@rgmlk.... Journp workshop? I do not find anything about this in the post??

RGMLK said...

Um...Sry, I got those Qs answered... Check the comments in the las post, though...

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