March 06, 2006

Vincent's Jottings - now online!

We started Adyar Times, the free weekly English neighbourhood newspaper for Adyar in Chennai in 1993. As the plans and designs were being laid out, I did not intentionally plan to have my column in it. It just happened.

Today, four neighbourhood newspapers carry 'Vincent's Jottings'. With a combined circulation of 100,000 copies, the column has a huge reach.

'Jottings' is not an editorial. It is a free wheeling column but every subject or theme in it has something to do with neighbourhoods and communities.I am amazed at the response it receives every weekend. Save for the odd weekend, I haven't skipped writing 'Jottings'. Not even when I was in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, in 2005.

Though late, by posting 'Jottings' on the blogosphere, the weekly column will hopefully reach a wider audience.


Anonymous said...


first time im reading ur stuff...not bad, good actually, maybe a littl lacking in felicity, no hard feelngs vnc, good for you man...seem to be able to work up enthusiasm in these kids. will the North Madras tour or whatever include my house, or dad lives here u know...u went to srilanka in 2005. is it u who came back actually? Uno, hundred of stories one reads about substitutes being sent, pucca right down to their dental fillings. are these tours free? wish we had somebody like this when we were schooling. great work vnc, i hope u receive all the encouragement and appreciation u need. Way to go man...

Mamta Gupta said...

Dear Sir,
your jottings column on
on 29th nov mylapore issue had touched me alot.I would like to train such womens and children who have a passion for all these things but lack the resource person to train them.My works,talent and achievements can be viewed on This year I have bagged the pidilite FACE awards for creative excellence
Thanking you .
Mamta Gupta.

Anonymous said...

We appreciate your letter to Mayor.
It is high time that Neel Metal should be kickedout from Chennai,
and efficient contractors matching to Onix should be immediatly placed
to keep Chennai which is rotting now.
Why there should be any delay?
Thanks for your raising the Voice.
RA Puram

Anonymous said...

Ref:the comment by Suresh narain (July 10 AT)on the deteriorating condition of the walkway along the Besant Nagar Beach I am happy to note that divine intervention led to the repair of the pathway. Thank God for small mercies. Now, for the restoration of the granite seating, if that is at all possible. kindly let us know who is responsible for the repairs so we can thank them.
Chris Castelino