February 17, 2007

Vote for your neighbourhood

Mark the date.
February 18.
The day set aside for polling for the Chennai Corporation elections.
They are being held in many city wards because the councillors who held the posts since their election last year resigned en masse following a severe verdict by one judge on a two-judge Bench of the Madras High Court.
And if you recall well, there was extraordinary violence in that election. Though the chief minister continues to play it down very well.
Here then is yet another opportunity for you as a citizen to express yourself.
For, elections to the local bodies like the city Corporation, are key to democracy.
If you are not impressed with the candidates who are contesting in your area, you can express that sentiment in the ballot paper. But you need to go to the polling booth to do just that.
If you wish to protest against the violence that is unleashed even in local elections, you can express it in the ballot.
But if you stay put at home or drive out for a picnic, then the men and women and their parties who want to drive their dirty campaigns will succeed.
And if you are not aware of some disturbing statistics, here is one - a mere 10% of polled votes gets people elected to the Corporation council. And this is a real shame.
So mark the date.
Elections are being held in almost 100 wards and so your ward must be in the picture too.
If you still have not heard about the election, step out and ask around.
Get updated.
If you want your neighbourhood to be a nice, warm place, you too need to be involved in a process that makes all such things happen.


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