August 04, 2007

Walks in the city

When I have time to listen to stories, I drop in at Dr. Suresh's house.
This quiet nook in Padmanabha Nagar in Adyar is just the place to engage with this enterprising archaeologist.
Suresh is pursuing an interesting vocation - archaeological tourism.
At the end of yet another story-telling session this week, he took the train to the Nilgiris where he is putting together a project for a well known travel company.
I have promised to accompany him on his next trip to the Blue Hills. Beacuse if I do make it, Suresh will take me on one of his favourite trails.
Walking along the tracks of the 'toy train' from Coonoor.
There are lots of stories to be shared off the tracks, he tells me.
There is another trail that we have put together for the celebration of Madras Day (August 22), a day to celebrate the founding of this city.
It is the Stone Age Madras tour.
Not many of us are aware that the city and the local region was inhabited by Stone Age man, some 40,000 years ago.
The first Stone Age artefact discovered in India was in the Pallavaram area in the city's suburbs.
Dr. Suresh will cover this theme at a public talk on August 18 evening and the next day morning, Sunday, lead all those who wish to be part of the tour to a Stone Age region located near Poondi, about 80 kms from the city.
That trail, a rather challenging one (we did a recee this week) will lead you through rocky terrain and scrub forest to a large natural cavern inhabited by pre-historic man.
(Details on this and all other 'Madras Day' events are being posted on the website -
Now you don't have to look for an adventurous theme to celebrate this city of ours.
If you are a school teacher, you could plan a neighbourhood tour for your students. To help them discover places they haven't seen.
One group has come forward with a simple initiative - to draw up a trail that starts at Fort St. George, goes through the University Campus, then to Bharathi Memorial in Truiplicane and Vivekananda Museum off the Beach Road, to Queen Mary's College, along the DGP's office, to All India Radio and the San Thome cathedral and ends with a picnic on the Marina.
'Madras Day' does not call for wild parties, colourful wrist bands and ribbon-cutting events.
It invites you to enjoy the good things about this city.

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