February 02, 2008

Spit and be fined!

So what does a Conservancy Inspector do in your area?
If the question draws a blank look on your face, time to get educated.
You are going to see more and more of him very soon.
I rarely saw one.
And there have been occasions when some people in my colony took me to be the Conservancy Inspector.
Perhaps they caught me looking at the gaping holes in the drains that run alongside my apartment block.
I have this habit of looking closely at street corners.
That is because they have character.
The habit began when I repeatedly found people answering Nature's call behind the EB box, under the avenue tree or against our wall.
Since then I have had some dirty fun at the expense of people who let go in public.
I shout so loudly at them that they are forced to stop the free flow midway and scamper. I am not sure if this is bad for the kidneys but it surely keeps off men from our street corner.
Garbage bins are always placed at street corners. When those large, green bins were brought in by Onyx it was fun to watch people living at the four corners surreptitiously drag the bin at night to their corner. Since the advent of the bins, our maids have become great shooters. They toss the garbage bag into the bin even as they zip across to their next job.
Street corners are roundly abused.
The 'maistry' dumps rubble here. The wedding hall cleaners, the leftover food and leaves. And gardeners, garden waste.
I was amused when I found a wooden figure of a serene Ganesha near the bin. My smart watchman placed the deity in a nook and said it should be left where it is. What favours Lord Ganesha brought for us.
Shortly, our Conservancy Inspectors will be busy looking at street corners too. Once the city Corporation gives them the authority to fine people for spitting, answering Nature's call and dumping waste.
They are going to have fun locating offenders. And slapping fines. To do that they will have to be in uniform.
Call in the NIFT students.

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Anonymous said...

Hai Vincent ,

I was moved by your column about Hawkers.I suffer a lot from such people .I am a resident of Karpagam Gardens. IN the Fourth Street there is a Hawker rather a IStri MAn .USually they are good people .But this one is an exception/.He is a nuisance to the society.He brings rowdies to the place litters spits drinks brings women when the housein which he keeps the box goes, out of station....
I have complained to the local police assosciation tried detective agency but to no avail the local constable takes bribe and the residents want their clothes to be ironed they are too lazy and do not want to take any initiative to drive this people away.I have got sick and tired of complaining even my parents are not bothered to give me an ear .Its sad .I hope some responsible person will take note and pictures and bring light to the society the atrocities committed by him.
The Police should regulate and inspect such people periodically.Some Istri Pullers are Honest .But this guy is too much .He manages to get new bike and mobiles and always has goondas sitting next to him.If asked he says they r drivers or friends and asks me to mind my own business or he will bash me up.
Nobody even believes me they think i am imagining things.I am not a very good writer i hope atleast you got the point.
The peron i refer to his name is Mohan he works out of No 1 Fourth Cross Street Karpagam GArdens Adyar Chennai 20

Thanks and regards