March 08, 2008

Natyanjali Dance Festival

It is that time of the year when I park myself in Chidambaram.
To cover the annual Natyanjali Dance Festival at the famed temple dedicated to Lord Nataraja.
For three years now, our team at has been web casting this unique festival which begins on Mahasivaratri evening.
Now in its 27th year, the fest started in a small way when a few arts enthusiasts joined hands with the local administration to launch a dance fest in the outer yard of this great temple.
When we first came here, we began the coverage with reportage.
Then we posted dozens of pictures every day.
Later, we hopped across to places like Thanjavur and covered the fest from the magnificent Brihadeswarar Temple.
And when we joined hands with Premanand of ChennaiStream, we began web casting excerpts of the performances.
This is a new and challenging experience. Recording the recitals, jumping off to get soundbytes, shooting pictures and uploading the clips from an abandoned nandavanam close to the stage.
The web cast and daily coverage provide an audience anywhere in the world the opportunity to get close to a unique festival.
Ten days from now, the same team will be at Mylapore.
To web cast at least two key events of the annual Brahmotsavam of Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple.
Capturing the festivities and web-casting them almost instantaneously, with a running commentary done as we shoot inside the temple. On the mada veedhis and from roof-tops, it is a great way to bring the atmosphere close to people anywhere in the world.
Technology has made all this quite easy to execute.
But you need to be innovative and enterprising.
So, if there is a unique event in your backyard, go out with a digital camera, a mike and a smart commentator and bring these local events live to the world!

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kallu said...

Thanks Vincent. In the beginning by panning the audience, you give us a feeling of actually being there. Great idea.