July 25, 2008

Living in a City of Power Cuts

I must treat Electricity Minister Arcot Veeraswamy. He has brought some changes in my lifestyle.
No, he hasn't arranged power-lifting sessions for me.
The daily power cuts are the cause.
Is it politically correct to use 'power cut'? Perhaps power management is the right word. . . . it isn't a nuclear deal, says Pranab-da, it is a power agreement.
So how has life changed?
The discipline started with clipping the schedule of power cut timings of all the areas and pasting them into my diary. It is not enough if you are aware of the ‘cuts’ in your neigbourhood - you should also know when your mom-in-law's house is in darkness, more so if you are visiting the family after a long time. Sticky people don't like visitors at that point.
I carry this timetable because there's a bit of juggling that I have come to do - a new skill, so thank you again Mr Veeraswamy.
The power goes off at 10 a.m. in our area. Which means I who used to delay my breakfast till 9.30 and my shower till 9.17 have shuffled the timings.
What my genial doc couldn't get me to change, the Power Minister has.
Since I have restarted my morning walks, the early breakfast is certainly a healthy practice.
All this means that I who used to read four daily newspapers now have to toss up two and save the strain on my eyes - imagine reading sentences in 7 point in the Events column of ‘The New Indian Express’.
Another blessing is that at least some of us realise that our motor that works up the water also has a life of its own and needs some rest. Our watchman kept saying he had to run the motor twice before 10 a.m. Where was all the water going?
Now we don't suspect anyone, I guess. All of us are out of the bathroom before the 10 a.m. blip.
Down at my office in Alwarpet, the blip is at 1 p.m. Fantastic. That should get me out of my seat to break for lunch. I got into this bad habit of having lunch at 2.45 p.m. and my genial doc said I would invite ulcers.
I haven't slipped out at 1 p.m. yet but if Veeraswamy extends the power cuts for a few more months, I should be on my way to good eating habits.
There is however a hiccup because of the blips.
The power cut in the area where the 'Adyar Times' office is located starts at 4 p.m. And my colleagues wonder if we can shut shop at 4 because we close anyway at 5.
I don't want to take this problem to Veeraswamy. Would you have some suggestions?


silverine said...

Came here via Mysore Blog Park. Power cuts have actually got families talking. At least ours. Didn't realize that we were so hooked onto Electrical gizmos till now!

D.a.v.i.D said...

Dear Mr.D'souza...
I have been a regular reader of your column before i moved out of Chennai to Hyd. Hyd goes thru a 3.5 hour routine of "power management(PM)" every day and it is between 11.30 am to 3.00 Pm in my locality. :-)

now, circling into the 4-5 PM in adyar, you should really think about revisiting the Office Hours of the Adyar times office. If you have to close down at 4 , have the personnel come in an hour early. I guess this is the first logical step albeit there could be myriad other options depending on your business requirement.

P.S : The link posted on newsprint to comment has a typo. It says Blogpot... for blogspot ...