August 08, 2008

Curtain Raiser: Madras Day 2008

In the north is Srinivasapuram. In the south is the beach beyond the Theosophical Society. The two were once linked by a bridge.
Today, people who know call it the 'broken bridge'.
Because it collapsed many years ago.
Nature lovers head here to chance on seasonal birds.
Photographers to shoot the setting sun.
Couples to snatch quiet moments.
Poets to walk on the clean, white sands.
Desperadoes to stalk at night.
Years ago, a MGR film was picturised on this bridge.
Name that film!
This is a sample of the kind of questions you will be challenged with at the annual Madras Quiz on August 24 afternoon.
This past fortnight, compiling the questions for just one of the many Madras Day events, has challenged me.
But we have to make this good. Can you imagine a diehard quizzer who is flying in all the way from the Gulf to be here for the annual Landmark Quiz (due Aug.15) and for the Madras Quiz!
He was in the winning team in 2007 and the duo sure want to extend their reign!
We won't make it tough. But it should cover the city at large.
As I write this, we have over 55 events lines up for 'Madras Day 2008'.
And still counting.
Will the Mad Bulls be able to pull off an engaging circuit that covers the fringe of North Madras? If they do, that's one more event. (Mad Bulls? Madras Bullet Riders Club!).
(One more teaser - MadBulls - you know who they are. Chennai Kings - you know who they are. Mambalam Mosquitoes - who are they?)
There are at least 18 talks scheduled for Madras Week (Aug.17 to 24).
At least 10 walking tours ( V. Sriram is marketing one called 'Ladies of the Marina')
A string of poetry readings and a documentary film fest.
But we'd like more. Very community based, community driven.
Shanthi is flying back from the USA on 12th and hopes she can put together the Adyar Walking Tour.
Swahilya just told us she will take people to some cool landmarks in north Madras one Saturday morning.
And don't miss out on D. H. Rao's labour of love - a photo documentation of the Buckingham Canal - to be displayed at the exhibition at Rajaji Hall (no, they haven't demolished the hall in Govt. Estates; maybe they will after the Madras Week)
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Vani said...

Vincent: I didnt know you blogged, just chanced upon here through Chandrachoodan's blog. Am sure this year's edition of Madras Day will do us all proud. As someone who has been partaking of the feast right from the beginning, I should say I am going to miss being there this year. Believe me, sitting in NYC is definitely much less fun this time of the year than catching the flavour of namma Chennai. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

The Madras Week map is up :)

Mylapore Times said...

Hopefully Vani, our coverage will make you less homesick.
Do tell all others from Chennai to log on!

Thanks BScotch, that was a great contribution. We appreciate it. Come in early next year to make a greater contribution!