October 25, 2008

Anglos in The Wind

'Anglos in The Wind'.
It did not occur to me to ask Harry MacLure why he chose this name for his magazine.
Yet, there is a ring to this name. Perhaps a zing that makes it click.
And click ii has.
Recently, Harry's quarterly on the Anglo Indian community celebrated its tenth anniversary with a fantastic blast at a hall in this city.
Vintage music, colourful dances and a fun play Harry scripted and put together.
He should have also had a dance party like the ones that Shiraz in Egmore and the Railway Institute in Perambur hosted in the gold old days.
For, Harry and his team deserve our congratulations for this publication.
Simply because bringing out a magazine for a small community, excelling in its quality and sustaining it for a decade is very, very difficult.
When the first issue rolled out in August 1998, "Anglos in the Wind" looked more like an in-house magazine of a corporate.
Founder Les D' Souza put his money and enthusiasm in it and stood by it.
In course of time, "Anglos . . . ." came to be a first class production.
The profiles of the community's grand people and star youths, the stories on the heritage that this community has created in India, the focus on issues that affect Anglo Indians, the collage of events that the community held in the pockets where the diaspora has settled down - United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, the Gulf - and the tidbits on weddings, obituaries, get togethers . . .
The magazine packs a lot between its creative covers.
From his nook in Anna Nagar, Harry, a professional artist and designer, has made every issue unique.
I particularly loved one issue which had on its cover an illustration of a Mail train gently rolling across a little town, its Anglo Indian driver waving out to a little boy staring at it from the yard of the Railway Colony. A magical illustration it was.
The anniversary issue is a collector's special. It has features by some well known writers like Ruskin Bond, Allan Sealy and the Gantzers.
Try and get a copy. Better still, become a subscriber.
"Anglos in the Wind" is not a 'limiting, exclusive' magazine.
4208 0058. That is Harry's number.
And the email ID - aitw@hotmail.com

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