May 15, 2009

Chennai South MP - Community Linkages

Chennai South should have a new Member of Parliament on Saturday, May 16.
And if one goes by the exit polls, there could be a little surprise.
What did surprise me was the large turnout on polling day, May 13.
Even the blistering heat of May did not dampen the spirits of voters.
A polling average of 60 percent is indeed a good sign though 75% would have made South Chennaiites proud.
Yes, there were many hiccups - EVMs malfunctioning, names not found on the voters' list, officials refusing to let people subscribe to Rule 49 (0).
And yet, it was peaceful in the neighbourhoods.
So is our job over?
Not really. Voting is only a part of a process. It is not a picnic on a weekend.
And perhaps here is yet another opportunity for all of us to see how we can have a man who is a real representative.
A Member of Parliament has to debate national issues and oversee large projects. He is not responsible for the dead streetlamp in your colony or mine. But there is a lot that he or she can do if the community he/she represents is a bit proactive.
He has a huge amount of funds to allot to local projects. Who decides what he should spend it on and how?
He has the power to liaise with departments on projects and issues that concern his constituency. Who puts these issues on top of the agenda?
We the people.
Here then is yet another opportunity.
As a step forward, we hope to use the Net initiative at to get into this process.
We are not stopping at covering the elections and posting the name of the winner on May 16.
In a way, this initiative could well record our new MP.
His vision and goals, his acts and promises, his role in Parliament and outside.
To do this we need a few bright, selfless and motivated volunteers.
Last week, publisher K. Satyanarayan from Mylapore raised his hand and said he would be in. We need at least five more to make this little initiative blossom.
If we can move it forward, it could well work for the community and for the MP.
So if you wish to volunteer, mail me at -

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