August 22, 2009

Madras Week

Remember Deepa?

Deepa Sekar of Kilpauk who took the first steps to organise a Kilpauk Heritage Walk on the occasion of Madras Day?

Well, Deepa and her group went on to host that Walk last Sunday though there was more than one occasion when they ran into frustrating walls and almost gave up.

Close to 30 people took part in it and in that group was the well known writer and novelist Timeri Murari whose family history is entwined with that of Kilpauk in some ways.

Deepa, who specialises in making paper jewellery mailed us back to say that the Walk had made a significant impression in her life. “I now know how special Kilpauk is and that it not only has a life but also a soul,” she said.

And added, “How I wish my school and many others taught history differently - by walking the talk!”.

I write back to Deepa (for weeks now this has been my task - to encourage dozens of people to think of and plan ways in which we celebrate the city during Madras Week).
I told her that she should continue to organise the Kilpauk Heritage Walk throughout the year - for schools and community groups.

Here is a nice example of how Madras Day is contributing to the city’s outlook.

Midweek, I received a copy of a small book titled ‘Madras-Chennai - Its History and Environment’. The book has been written by Nanditha Krishna of the
C P Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation in Alwarpet and published as a Prodigy imprint by New Horizon Media that is run by two young people - Badri and Satyanarayan.

It costs twenty five rupees, is easy read and a book you should gift to your children. It will introduce them to the city.

Also in the mail bag was another little book in Thamizh - ‘Madraasil Mirudu’ written by Vasantha Surya. It is all about growing up in the city in the 60s and has been published by Kalachuvadu. Another book you can gift your kids.

Here again is a nice example of how Madras Day is encouraging people to add to the literature on this city.

Lots has taken place this past week.

If you want to catch up with the final lot of events, check out the info at

August 22 is Madras Day.

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