August 07, 2010

Vote for best sambhar!

Would you have Chennai or Madras on your Tee?
The prize-winning entry for a Tee contest held last year for Madras Day had the Chennai legend.
Sonali Seth submitted a design and worked on it after her entry was chosen to be the best.
That design has gone on the Tees (available in black / white) which are now on sale (you may see an image of the Tee on Madras Day’s Facebook link).
But two keen followers don’t think Chennai is apt.
Rajkumar Brian seemed unhappy and said so in so many words while quiz-whiz V. V. Ramanan shared the sentiment. Said Ramanan - We are celebrating Madras Day!
Comments, feedback and suggestions are always welcome. (You will see many more on the Facebook page)
They make this unique event organic.
There were lessons to learn from the Photowalk for Kids that Yocee organised in Triplicane last Sunday. From Ratna Café to Presidency College
(I breakfasted at Ratna 3 weeks ago on the famed idli-sambar combo and felt that Ratna’s sambar is not the best in Madras. My schoolmate friend C. K. Murali who grew up in Purusawalkam says Welcome Hotel in that area serves the best sambar - go on and nominate your ‘best sambar’ joint of Madras).
Kids were invited to shoot stuff that fascinated them but they were equally curious and wanted to learn more. Of horse-drawn carriages and old bus stop boards and of Hindu High School . . .
The walks for this year seem very attractive. Pradeep mails to say he has closed his tour of Madras’ temples in George Towne (90 have signed up) and surely, Sriram must be packed with that ‘See George Towne by Night’ that ends with a glass of hot milk!
The good news is that small groups across the city have also designed events. And if you have not, there is a week to think of one.
Street Food of Chennai anybody? A walking-eating tour!


Sridhar Joshi said...

Murali is probably right - Ratna has lost its sambar somewhere - quantity does not make quality. Welcome is also one place which serves Pongal and Gothsu in the evenings - heavenly indeed!

tris said...

Yes! Street food walking is a super idea.