October 23, 2010

Ideas for Mylapore Festival

I want your suggestions.

How do we go about organising an event that must design the biggest kolam on a mada veedhi?

It is that time of the year when I put on another of my caps. That of the director of the annual Mylapore Festival.

The 2011 edition of this Fest, now known in many parts of the world will be from January 6 to 9 on the eve of the Pongal festival.

As we sat down to jot down all the ideas that came by, one was of creating a huge kolam in which everybody who attends the fest on that evening participates.

I will wait for your suggestions.

Yes, we will have the Kolam Contests which are our flagship events. On two days, in the evenings providing space for 125 people each evening.

Here, you may want to share another idea.

For the 2010 contests, we made a departure from the past. We asked the participants to design a kolam on a grid of 24 dots. There were a few apprehensions but when the contest was over, the variety of designs were simply fantastic.

So what is the challenge we could pose to contestants next January?

Your suggestions are welcome.

This is a Festival that uses public and private space even as we remain sensitive to the immediate facilities that are important to residents and businesses.

Hence, challenges confront us each year. With them come suggestions - from well-wishers, patrons and people.

So we are moving the series of talks that we have, talks on themes related to Mylapore to a Mylapore house. The idea came from people who said that since a small number attend such events a more cosy space would enhance the experience.

We are also making sure we have T-shirts for kids. Young parents were disappointed as were their children. They will not be in January 2011.

Little things also make a Festival.

Do share your suggestions please. Mail them to - mylaporefestival@yahoo.com

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