December 24, 2010

It's Christmas time!

There is a bit of the Moore Market spirit at this shop in George Town. And for people who rewind to the past, Moore Market brings fond memories especially at Christmas time.

Good Pastor Depot is something of an institution in its own way. A destination for many senior Catholics of this city.

Located on the ground floor of the huge building behind the landmark Catholic Centre and in the campus of the heritage St. Mary's Co-Cathedral and its neighbour, the equally famed St. Mary's School, this depot as it is called, has everything that a home and a church requires, for religious and for social functions.

I was there a few days ago, on a shopping spree.

A crib set, a little Christmas tree, balloons, illumination serial lights, some buntings and greeting cards.

This is quite a big shopping list by my standards but I enjoyed the experience.

The Brothers of St. Paul, who run this store were swamped that afternoon but they served with a smile as did their staff who were really stretched.

Wonder how cool they would have been today, on Christmas eve!

Shops like these weave magic around you if you suspend your matured ideas! Shops that our kids would love to soak in.

I had waded through the swathes of devotees who head to the cathedral on Tuesdays to pray at the shrine of saint Antony, managed a parking lot inside the Catholic Centre and rewarded myself with extra time at the Good Pastor Depot.

It was a nice experience.

In the old days, the Community Hall on this campus hosted wonderful parties, dances and wedding receptions.

The parish priest says they do not hire out the hall for such functions any more.

Christmas has moved to the five star hotels and swank malls. Not for me, these places.

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