February 06, 2011

Mylapore MLA: Whose rep?

Do you like S. V. Shekher or despise him or simply don't know of him?
Anybody who follows local politics or cinema or theatre will know Shekher. He has been around for a long time and has done many big and small things in his life.
If you are a Mylaporean or Adyarite you should have known him because you (if you had cast your ballot in the last elections) would have seen, heard or read about him some 5 years ago.
Shekher is your MLA. He represents you in the state Assembly.
(In our day and time, most people are simply ignorant or just don't care.)
Shekher won on an AIADMK ticket, bucking the trend when the DMK was sweeping the poll.
But very soon he found himself on sticky ground. He was a small fish in a pond of sharks.
Fed up, he became an 'unattached' MLA till this weekend.
Now, he is joining the Congress (I). On election eve.
Most people thought he would jump on to the DMK bandwagon now since he was seen all the time either with the Mayor (DMK), the Deputy Chief Minister(DMK) or the Chief Minister(DMK).
Shekher told me 'there is at least  freedom of speech' in the Congress.
Indeed. The Congress values this as much as Shekher does. The party and its men are tad too serious, dull and dowdy. With '100 jokes for 100 minutes' that Shekher promises in all his Alwa dramas, he may well rock that party.
When the news of Shekher's shift was posted online, the first set of  feedback did not have nice things to say of him and his decision.
Today, nobody likes a politician. They love 100 jokes though.
Shekher may not have been a model MLA. If you know your metro politics the civil issued well, the local councillors dominate every inch.
Shekher would say metro MLAs have little role to play.
He is partly right.
He stepped out into his constituency. Made sure he was in the right place at the right time and made the right noises. He was seen and heard.
Will this be enough to see him through a new innings?
Comedians, like clowns can make the impossible possible.
Who will have the last laugh?

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