September 17, 2011

Chennai Traffic Police on Facebook

Chennai City Traffic Police became Facebook-y recently.
There are posts on traffic snarls, bus breakdowns and diversion alerts.
And there are leads to data on fines, new initiatives and what the CTTP is thinking of doing in future.
Stern, stiff and critical messages of the public are also allowed.
But the most welcome feature is to invite the public to shoot a picture of a traffic violation or a related problem and post it here and I am told the men in khaki and white are acting on the reported violations.
On Sept.14, Ramanathan Srinivasan posted a photo to record a ‘No Parking’ violation near Sutherland in Velachery at peak hour time.
J. P. Benoy Paul of Adyar posted a picture of the pavement alongside Ambika Appalam and Nilgiris stores in Kasturba Nagar to demonstrate the conditions pedestrians have to face in our city.
There is a very serious problem that Mylaporeans are enduring the past months. A problem created by the now ‘one-way’, now ‘two-way’ and ok, now ‘one-way’ systems of the CTTP.
These policies affected Alwarpet, Abhiramapuram, Raja Annamalaipuram, Luz and Mylapore.
Today, all ‘one way’ rules in the neighbourhood are generally flouted at every junction.
More serious, many people have been brushed, knocked down or injured for no fault of theirs by cyclists, bikers and cars who care a damn. The worst affected are our seniors.
So we at ‘Mylapore Times’ are mulling over an idea that should help bring to book the violators and lead to some order in these zones.
We will shoot photos of the violators, jot down their vehicle registration numbers and publish them online and in the newspaper.
The first step has been taken in this issue of ‘Mylapore Times’, in the ‘Letters’ column.
Local newspapers in the West do just this. It helps a thin police team haul up violators.
We want your comments and ideas on this move. Meanwhile, I have posted this idea on the CTTP Facebook page. I am hoping Sanjay Arora, the Addl. Commissioner will also comment.


Venky Rajendran said...

Great Idea! This is true citizen journalism to colloborate for a win-win for all..and makes it more passionate (with some debate) to follow Adyar times..

Anonymous said...

recently I spent about two months in Alwarpet. I was afraid for my life to venture into any roads.
There are no pedestrian crossways, no law enforced on speeding, just no law enforcement. Just Jungle law, anything goes. There were no people sidewalks. Sidewalks are used to park cars by wealthy, or else used by street vendors.
I dont know why people in Madras (Chennai) pay tax. I guess the politician need the revenue to buy new imported German car .
I left the citizens who needs to walk are loosers and no one cares.
The younger generation go out on their two wheelers for 'road Kill'
Line up the politician and make them walk a mile or cross the road may be then may be they will do something.
I have no more desire to visit your lawless town.