April 07, 2012

Blogging local and niche

We should have done this before. But we have done it now.
Blogging on the key events in our neighbourhoods, in our patch!

My column has been blogged for many years now ( since 2006 - www.vincentsjottings.blogspot.com). There have been some positives in doing this - off and on, people researching on themes that I touch on make contact.

On Anglo-Indians and Mount Road, Community Newspapers and Civic Polls.

But at our newspapers we have not exploited the simple, elegant features that a Blog offers journalists and independent writers and photographers.

In early February, we at KutcheriBuzz ( the web site for Carnatic music and classical dance) launched a blog to cover the annual Natyanjali Dance Fest from Chidambaram.

With contributions from Revathi R. and Mohan Das Vadakkara, we flipped between reportage, audios, videos and pictures through 6 days that week. The modest effort paid with a nice tally of page views.

The effort and the feedback encouraged us.

Since last week, we have been managing two blogs.

For KutcheriBuzz, a weeklong coverage of Bangalore's Sri Ramanavami Music Fests ( www.ramanavamimusic.blogspot.in).

And a fortnight long coverage of Mylapore's biggest festival - the Panguni or more commonly known the arabathumoovar celebration ( www.mylaporepangunifest.blogspot.in).

And what a roller-coaster this has been.

Here is a comment from one visitor -

I am Ambika from St.Mary's Road. I am currently living in Muscat. I used to be one in the crowd for adhikara nandi, ther and arubattu-moovar processions...Felt I would be missing them . . .But the blog has done a good job of posting the photos..Really appreciate it.

Sitting inside a temple or an auditorium, in Chidambaram, Seshadripuram or Mylapore and relaying live words, pictures and audios provides for a different kind of reportage. Immediate, breezy and personalised.

Neither TV nor newspapers can provide that effect. Radio can.

We would like lots more readers to join us when we blog next. One-way traffic does not make great communication. Give us your ideas anyway - let them be local!

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