November 18, 2012

Recycle the stuff you use

How do we recycle toothbrushes?

The question stumps me.

But someone in Kotturpuram seems to have an answer and claims to have been successful at it.

That local community has invited him to a meeting that will discuss local civic headaches and the recycling idea will be demonstrated to those who care.

This business of recycling seems to be getting on top of the agenda in many cities but does not seem to impact on the 3000 plus tonnes of waste that we generate in this city.

At my offices, I am a bit concerned about the use of newsprint or paper. That is because we consume so much of it week after week, though for a very good reason.

Yet, it seems to me that my teams and I must be obligated to try and recycle paper.

For some time, I have done the simplest act - recycled the dozens of envelopes that come into out offices everyday by reusing them. Now, there are some stiff people who look the other way when they get a 'used' cover in their mail box or in the office tray.

Couriers can be discouraging people - they do not accept covers which have names and notes scored out even if we decide to paste a bright yellow sheet of paper on the used front to jot the address.

Our friends at 'Citizen Matters' in Bangalore, who are focused on civic issues and citizens rights have been driving twin campaigns.

One, to get people to pursue gardening, even kitchen gardening or terrace gardening.

Two, to recycle garbage.

So they play the role of co-hosts at neighbourhood events that are part fun, part knowledge-sharing. And it seems to work well on a weekend in J P Nagar or in Jayanagar.

Similar events have been hosted off and on in the Adyar neighbourhood but we need a focused, cyclic campaign that will yield results.

We at our newspapers will be willing to publish some terrific practices you have been following to lessen that garbage mound and recycle stuff.

Do write in.


Samyuktha Jayaprakash said...

my mom does this organic pit from old vegetables and uses it as manure. Its very simple

Vincent D' Souza said...

Great. Why dont you mail what she does - the details - to Adyar Times ( if you live in Adyar) or to Mylapore Times ( if you live in Mylapore). We will want to report this.