April 06, 2013

IPL, Amma Unavagam and seniors!

Are you a IPL fan and is your April about to change?

I watch the IPL matches on TV when I find time. And I hope to get to Chepauk one of these April days to watch  Chennai Super Kings on the field.

I haven't been at the new look stadium ever since a section was renovated and redesigned though recently, friend Venkat took us to the 'D' stand one night.

Venkat runs a cricket coaching academy inside the campus of the Madrasa-e-Azam School off Mount Road, at the Spencer's Roundabout and has turned out some good talent among the juniors.

He  will be our host when we decide to make it to a T20 this month.

Some hardcore packaging and marketing is going on by the owners of the Chennai Super Kings. And one unconfirmed plan which was in the buzz was its idea to host seniors at Chepauk for a fee.

The idea seems to have taken shape after some seniors said that getting to the stadium and finding a seat was not as easy and cool as it used to be when they were young and Tests were the staple games of the day.

I think this is a good idea. And will work.

There are lots of young people who live abroad who want to reserve tickets and give their parents here the opportunity to have a good time or even relive their young days at Chepauk. A CSK offer and the online facility makes these things so simple.

Yes, everybody in business is looking at the huge young India.

But don't forget the seniors who also form a huge community today.

I am trying to imagine the key services that ought to have been in place in all our neighborhoods.

I recall a time when Adyar-based sabha, Hamsadhwani's founder late RR ( Ramachandran), wanted to set up a Community Kitchen and Health service for seniors.

Is this a facility that a NGO or a commun ity body can execute?

A fortnight ago, a couple who run a 'mess' in Mylapore had a story to share - there was a time not so long ago when they used to supply 'sapad' at the doorstep of 200 seniors. They suspended it recently because they could not get delivery people to stay with the job.

Now, the couple host 30 plus seniors for lunch at the 'mess'.

Is there an idea to take from the ' Amma Unavagam' in each ward of this city? An idea that is for seniors only and starts with food and health?

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