May 11, 2013

Summer Hols in native places are the best!

Group holidaying can be fun. Some of you may have just launched into it this May.

Here is how a bunch of us fell into one.

We have a bunch of cricket-crazy friends. They used to be little heroes at the school level in the 70s. But age hasn't discouraged them from donning the flannels once in a  while.

Having played a few friendlies recently, they decided to build a short holiday around this passion.

They quickly called up friends in Bangalore, fixed up a couple of matches there and a tour fell in place. Friends and families of the players were also invited. Contacts were tapped, guest houses fixed and a two-day holiday trip outside Bangalore fell in place.

The golfing community is pretty regular and smart at. With courses in the hills, this is just the season to get away from the heat in the plains. But then, that is an exclusive community.

Weddings can also be a nice excuse to plan a holiday around them.

If you are lucky, your host will throw in a trip after the wedding. But you must make sure the ends are tied up. Grooms lose track of friends at honeymoon time.

A bunch of us dreamt of great times in Yercaud after a lawyer-friend booked us into a train for his wedding in Salem. Once the meal was over, we climbed into a rugged jeep and soon, saw the misty hills in the horizon.

It was dying dusk when we got to the top. The boys were braving the chill but looking forward to some drinks and dinner. Imagine our horror when we found that the plantation guest house was firmly looked and the security man offered unoccupied staff quarters to spend the night.

It was a weekend, the hotels were booked and it was midnight when we checked into a dinghy place.

Summer does not offer many holiday options really. Even the gentle, closest hill station like Yercaud has been plotted like Oragadam and water has to be bought! So my friends who have their pads there aren't too welcoming!

I still think going to our 'native places' is simply the best holiday. Our memories and the earthiness, if we do value them can make these trips great.

Imagine the pleasure of sitting in your backyard, chomping on jackfruits and sipping tender coconut water and playing cricket in abandoned fields. Make sure cousins from all over also join you.

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