November 24, 2006

Busy December!

The warm news., the web site we promote, was honoured this past week with a title by an arts organisation.
This is the second recognition for our internet enterprise which will soon be a decade old.
It is run by two-and-half people and it is a 24x7 operation.
Leveraging the provisions of technology, we have made this a truly community site.
One which takes the world of Carnatic music and classical dance to the world.
Queries from Russia, orders for albums from Peru, features mailed to Jaffna in Sri Lanka and posts from Kakinada and Trissur makes this a vibrant web site.
And our toughest job comes on the eve of December, every year.
For, we drive ourselves hard to take the famed 'December season' (of music and dance) to the world.
Posting all the kutcheri schedules of the sabhas quickly to enable rasikas to make their travel plans. Filing curtain raisers on the special dance productions. Promoting short-term rentals in the Mylapore neighbourhood and publishing our popular Guides to the season. And covering the 'season' on a day-to-day basis.
The December madness you may want to call it!
The 'season' is always exciting. It is a unique festival. And there is a lot that the artistes and the rasika community can do to take it to a different level.
A lot more happens today - screening of documentaries, lectures, heritage walks. But most are rather exclusive. The city of Chennai needs to be aware of the 'season'. It must be invited to explore it and perhaps get its guests over to soak in it.
It is the community approach that we are also driving for yet another edition of the Sundaram Finance-Mylapore Festival due in early January next year (Jan.4 to 7).
Twenty people - students, professionals, women and seniors - have volunteered to take charge of the 30-plus events of the Fest.
A young student of Vivekananda College is revamping our web site (
We are motivating many more to present shows and demonstrations in spaces around Sri Kapali Temple. Many households are keen to let their houses be stopovers during heritage walks or serve as venues for creative workshops.
Why! Last year the walkers group at the Nageswara Rao Park in Luz prepared a snack to share with everybody here, on the concluding morning of the popular 'Kutcheris in the Park'.
Our cycle-rickshaws are such an integral part of Mylapore.
How do we involve these men and their enviro-friendly machines in the Fest?
We value your ideas. Don't stop with merely sharing them. Move them. The cycle-rickshaw way!

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Anonymous said...

Cycle- Rickshaw Wallah's who bring Children daily should be respected.A day from respective schools should be scheduled, where the Principal/Head-Masters, teachers and Parents should participate and give them Dhotis, shirts and a Souveniour.

This is a our way of showing gratitude to the silent DUTY which they have been performing for YEARS!!