December 09, 2006

Would you like to play Santa Claus this season?
There is no money in it though.
But we can promise you loads of excited children as friends, doting parents as well wishers and wine and dinner.
Every year, our community newspapers host a special event in December.
This is the 'Santa Meets the Kids' tour.
We invite families to surprise their kiddies with gifts for the Christmas season.
And in line with the spirit of the season, we arrange to bring Santa Claus from the Arctic world.
Nowadays, it isn't easy to get Santa to come to Chennai.
The all-pervasive Net has got the word around in Santa and that our city is simply inhospitable when it comes to the weather.
We tried sending them pictures of dew which had collected on the leaves of the only mango tree left in our campus, but the evidence wasn't convincing enough.
That is why we are desperately looking out for a local Santa who has goodness in his heart, a boom in his voice, a carol on his lips and sparkle in his eyes.
Some people think it is infra dig to play Santa.
We don't mind if a bouncy woman volunteers to play Santa.
Kids in their pre-teens don't discriminate like we do.
But we do need a warm Santa for our jaunts through the neighbourhoods.
We used to have a fun young man who loved the job and the Goan wine ( and some imported vindaloo) that came at the end of it but his BPO job has turned night into day and vice versa, and he is exhausted.
This is indeed the time to play Santa. Be it in your colony, your home or your campus.
It is also the time when you can learn a few nice things about choosing a gift and presenting it in style.
Of course, our Santa will have to roll into lifts, walk down bylanes and wake up families who have to be coaxed to open the door even at Christmas time.
There is a little chill nowadays in our hearts.
We are hoping that Santa will bring in the warmth this December.
P.S.: If you wish to surprise your kid with a gift by taking part in our X'mas event, call our offices now.

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novel idea by ur team.......gr8 job........i'll surely ask my friend and reply u......