December 23, 2006

Looking out for Santa!

I truly believe that Santa Clause isn't a single person.
There is a community of them.
A simple event of ours proved it.
You are aware of the Santa Clause tour that our newspapers arranged over the past week.
A tour which helped parents get gifts across to their kiddies via Santa.
At the end of Day One, the Santa who did the rounds of Mylapore fell ill.
He was unable to move out of his home in East Tambaram but we had no reason to despair.
He had arranged for another Santa from the suburbs of Poonamallee.
I am hoping Santa has the gift that I have asked for this Christmas eve.
Lots of energy, drive and doggedness.
Because my team and I need this and more as we give the finishing touches to the most unique fest of its kind in this city - the Mylapore Festival, now wholly supported by Sundaram Finance.
Drawing up a calendar for something like 42 events to take place across four days at about a dozen venues and involving more than 400 people is a daunting task.
From folk and classical dancers, to creative gurus and kolam contest registrants, besides contractors, designers, promoters and student and resident volunteers, there are so many who will be involved and I wonder if I will hit the sack of Christmas eve to give Santa enough time to slip down the water-pipe and leave my gift under my pillow.
But there are the endearing aspects of such a fest which really makes it worth the while.
The support of the community.
Young Prasanna, who studies at Vivekananda College and his team at Codezplus has re-designed the festival web site - you should check it out at and e-mail your feedback. The boys would love to hear from you.
A Mylapore Orkut community group on the Net is volunteering at some of the events. As is the 'Namma Mylapore' group.
Creative friends like Latha Mani, V. V. Ramani, Bhanumathi and Kuberan will work with kids inNageswara Rao Park at workshops.
Mylapore's Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mourya, says he will give his men regulate traffic so that local businesses and temple goers continue to follow their call and then make time to soak in the fest.
Subham Ganesan promises to lay out the best Tanjore meal spread on the festival Sunday and challenge the lunch that is now served at thecanteens at our local sabhas for the music season!
This is the final lap for all of us.
And I am looking forward to Santa on Sunday night.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Vincent!

I am amazed at the long lists in this week's Mylapore Times. All the performances, All the contests, All the events, All the kids events. I dont think any section of this society is left out.

Krishnan rightly remembered your team mate? Are you working together this time also?

All the best!

Chandran (Curio)

Sekhar babu said...

A suggestion here...
Why don't you think of other Mylaporeans for food and other exhibitions?Or the food fest can be a set of many mamas and mamis of Mylapore. Can they not put up small eat out shamianas? I dont know if you have any other infrastructural problems...

Vincent D' Souza said...

Thanks for your suggestion.

The food fest can be a complex issue.

Getting individuals to serve food at counters from their own pots and pans is just not advisable at such a large fest - it looks fine for a colony's mela or a office party.

But every year, there are new ideas that are tried out. Look out for them.