December 22, 2007

Mylapore Fest 2008: Curtain Raiser

What comes after Christmas and New Year?
The Mylapore Festival!
Between carol concerts and plans to take in the fresh air on the East Coast Road on the first day of the New Year, my team and I have one hundred and one things to do to launch the 2008 edition of the 'Mylapore Festival'.
The main shows are in order.
But there are two dozen other things to be done.
Ensure security for the 'puli vesham' folk dance performance on the weekend. The artistes play around with a bit of fire too!
Should we run the Theru-koothu show of our friends from Kanchipuram district into the night?
How do we manage the huge crowd of devotees that throng the Sri Kapali temple for 'sani prodosham' ?
And will the teams engaged in the Mylapore Treasure Hunt be able to negotiate the polluted Buckingham Canal or should we give them an easy way out through the bridge?
Every December, we have a roller-coaster ride that leaves us drop dead on Pongal eve. What started off as a simple kolam contest that 'Mylapore Times' hosted for the neighbourhood in a school playground over a decade ago, has grown into this Fest.
Sponsored by 'Sundaram Finance', the Fest continues to grow.
Like the kolam contest which now attracts at least 250 people from all over the city, we hope that the Pallankuzhi Contests will get popular from this launch year.
I was amazed at the enthusiasm many young people have shown at the coaching camps we had and I hope seniors will flood the hall on that weekend.
Do get the word across to all your friends and come along.
The info is now posted on a web site -
On a blog linked to this web site, I share little stories of our experiences.
Check that out too. And feel free to comment, with grace.


kallu said...

Sounds great, Vincent. What a dedicated and fun bunch you people are, making the most out of your lives and giving so much to others.
I've been on your Mylapore walk and it was a great experience.
Wish we had more people like you around, especially in my town.

Vincent D' Souza said...

Thanks for the warm words.

Make sure you buzz all your friends so that they flood the place.

Esp the seniors who love Pallankuzhi!

Karthik said...

HI Vincent,

Merry X-Mas!(this comment is not associated with this post).I would like to get some ideas on how to start a local news paper or associate with you for starting it.Im working in an IT organisation,have an experience of about 9+yrs,I have 2 blog sites/1 web site which I want to bring up in print medium.Please let me know your contact,I will meet you n person or mail.My email id karthi [at] karthi [dot] net