March 14, 2009

Lok Sabha elections - be aware

Is a politician also a social entrepreneur?
This is a question I put to students and faculty of social work and a few heads of NGOs at a workshop that the Social Work Department of Stella Maris College conducted last weekend.
The theme was on the entrepreneurial outlook that people working with the community could have and the risks and responsibilities that came with it.
Sister Lourdumary, the Head had heard about some of the diverse projects that our newspapers had gone into and wanted me to share my experience with the senior students.
I didn't stick to politics that evening. Arts and media were other themes that I got into and at the end of the session, a few people seem to have been stirred.
The forthcoming elections to the Lok Sabha have certainly stirred me up.
I am trying to see what role our local newspapers and related media can play in the weeks to come.
Alliances, parleys, list of candidates . . . all this at the present sounds and looks interesting on your TV sets.
But there is lots more than we need to be aware of if we wish to be responsible citizens.
How many of us know that the constituencies have been 'delimited' - in other words that the areas which fall under them have changed?
If you aren't aware of this, then how will you know which constituency you are a voter of and who the candidates are?
Would you also like to know some of the common violations that candidates are likely to commit and how you, as an alert citizen can lodge a complaint?
But who should you complain to? And is there a contact phone number?
Would you also like to know who the candidates are and what their profiles are? Would you like to know what they stand for and what they wish to focus on if they are voted as Members of Parliament?
Your feedback will help me and our editorial team report and feature the information that is timely and useful for the elections.
Write to us at or to
Do remember this though - providing information is simple. Making use of it is key.
Do I hear someone say - I care a damn!

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