March 28, 2009

Namma Chennai in Lok Sabha

Interesting people are stepping into General Elections 2009.
You may have read about Meera Sanyal. If you haven't, you will get to see her on TV and read about her in your newspaper.
Meera has not even filed her nomination but she is dominating some of the Q and A programmes on television.
Meera is the CEO of ABN Amro Bank and is based in Mumbai. She is also a Mumbai girl. And yes, she wants to contest from India's financial capital.
Meera has also been involved in community projects while being a banker and now she says she is taking a sabbatical and contesting under the banner of a less known party which is said to represent professionals.
I have been keenly listening to the longer interviews that Meera has given so far.
Her focus, she says is Mumbai.
One point on her agenda is the state of the security in this metro. Against the background of the 26/11 terrorist attacks, this is obviously a key issue.
Meera also talks about doing a lot for the infrastructure of the city. She says that millions of people use the trains and that a lot more has to be invested in this sector.
And she is talking about the relocation of the port since its business and location have been affecting the city.
Meera is certainly pushing the 'amchi Mumbai' agenda as a contestant in the General Elections-and doing this strongly.
So, do we have candidates in our city who are pushing the 'namma Chennai' agenda with pride and conviction?
And will we begin to get calls from people asking for top priority for this metro in the promises and plans that our candidates may be drawing up just now?
Now there could be people who might say that the agenda for our city has to be drawn and pursued by our councillors and our local MLAs.
That Members of Parliament have a different role to play.
I don't think so.
Considering the fact that sensitive issues, progressive laws and huge projects are debated in Parliament and drawn in the ministries, an MP from a metro has a lot to do.

So what does Chennai want?

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