July 03, 2009

Madras Day 2009

Plans for Madras Day 2009 are about to roll. So how can you and your community or club or association become an integral part of it?
Start in your backyard. You don't have to raise a thousand rupees. You don't have to run from pillar to post. You don't have to print posters and banners. Do it in your area. All you need is some nice ideas, some enthusiasm and some smiles and warm words.
Think of  a local heritage walk. Now. Which is what a bubbling lady in Kilpauk is about to do. She started on it last year but gave up because she wasn't sure if Kilpauk was al that exciting. It is. And she has realised it. Well, it doesn't boast of Jack the Ripper kind of nooks and Hollywood Boulevard kind of avenue, but it has character and history and stories.
The Water Works is unique. The Votive Shrine church is unique. The cemetery for Christians should be checked out. Add to that list public statues and private bungalows and small colonies and you have a fairly interesting trail for an August weekend.
Our friend in Kilpauk is calling up the Dignity Foundation to meet up with senior residents of the area who can come on the walk or be at the milestones on the trail and share their memories.
I think this is a small and wonderful exercise to celebrate the city.
Shanthi Krishnan did just that in Adyar and she had 40 people trailing her - they surrendered to the heat at the fag end and headed for a sumptuous breakfast but the event worked. Shanthi hopes to repeat the Adyar Walk this Madras Week.
These initiatives should inspire many of us to take the lead and think of a Walk project for Madras Week (August 16 to 23).  Thiruvanmiyur, San Thome, Gopalapuram, Luz, Nandanam, Vadapalani . . .there is a Walk in every area.
Walks can be one way of celebrating the city. Exhibitions can be another. Photo-walks can be another. Talks on a city theme or subject. Contests too. Just keep an eye on www.themadrasday.in. A T-shirt contest is rolling.

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Megarajan said...

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for organising this.

I was one of the persons who attended the heritage walk for fort st.george for 2009 and I enjoyed it.

My photos from the walk are at