December 19, 2009

Cribs and Kolu dolls . . .

Paths cross. And they meet at some point.

Thomas Rodgrio & Sons was on my mind.

The shop we turn to at Christmastime.

A friend suggested The Good Pastor Depot run by the Brothers of St. Paul in the Catholic Centre - St. Mary's Cathedral campus.

The Depot offers a variety of greeting cards, decorations and books but you must be an early bird here or else you get boxed in.
Armenian Street itself can box you in, especially on a Tuesday when the faithful queue up to pray at St. Antony's.

Weren't some conferences of The Music Academy held at the community hall of this cathedral? Those were times when George Towne was the hub of commerce, wealth and the arts. When veena Dhanammal was the queen of all she surveyed.

The very hall where grand wedding balls and Christmas parties were held in true European style. . .

Paths cross. And their meetings are significant in local histories.

Thomas Rodrigo has always been with us. For a generation that grew up on Moore Market and festival shopping.

I knew the shop had moved to Broadway, its other hub. But some one said it had moved again.

It was here that we bought the crib sets, the stars, the buntings at Christmastime.

Now, a group wanted their children to jointly create a crib.

With Copenhagen dominating the space, we chose to opt for waste, leftover materials and eco-friendly stuff.

Jesus anyway was not born in a swank hospital.

But we couldn't skip Rodrigo.

It was a mini Moore Market by itself and kids would love to explore it.

And as we chose to leave, we met a family whose daughter was here from the USA.

The lady was heading for Ponnambala Vadyar theru, alongside Kapali Temple.

To buy dolls for the kolu.

Paths cross. And they are significant.

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