December 06, 2009

San Thome's Christmas Community

Why is a puppy a great gift for a child?
Ask Francis Lazarus of Kotturpuram and he will tell you a Christmas story. And why now? We are in December!
Francis’ story is his own. Theatre artiste, singer, marketing person and event manager, Francis’ family belongs to the Mount Road generation. They used to live off General Patters Road and Francis’ dad has loads of stories to share of Mount Road. Of Buharis and church choirs, Casino Theatre and Christmastime.
Francis himself must have been among the first set of models who crept on to the ramps in this city at a time when fashion and style were in their infancy and the Vivek Karunakarans and Rehanes must have been toddlers.
The puppy story came up in a conversation we had this past week about a little event that the San Thome community is attempting this month.
Residents, businesses, churches and institutions, in many small ways are putting their hands together to present the San Thome Christmas Fest ( Dec.15 - 31).
A fair amount of buzz takes place in this neighbourhood. In the churches and school campuses and in many homes. Carols, plays, Santa tours, cribs, parties . . .
But much of it is restricted to spaces between walls or behind them.
The Fest attempts to take is beyond those lines.
Share and celebrate in the Christmas spirit.
Events for children and elders supported by local musicians, great cooks and enthusiastic youth.
And gift giving is part of the season.
That’s where the puppy comes in. Francis tells me that when he was a kid, puppies were given as gifts. It allowed the kids to learn to care for it, feed it, take it for a stroll and do more.
In doing all this, you became responsible, caring, sensitive and the rest. You too may have puppy stories to share.
Tell them here!

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