April 24, 2010

Think of the birds . . .

The banana tree in our apartment campus is in bloom. And baby fruits have begun to emerge.

We looked at it for a long time yesterday morning - these are rare sights for those who live in a concrete jungle.

The tree needed attention - it has begun to tilt probably due to the weight of the blossom of flowers, and so this Sunday we will use coir ropes, create a support and ensure that the tree remains upright and the fruits grow well.

There is another job to do this Sunday.

Put up a water pan on our trees - water for the birds.

Besant Nagar resident Kamla Ravikumar’s experience which she shared with an e-group triggered the thought.

Kamla seems to have a thought for the birds at summertime. In our concrete neighbourhood, we must realise that there are hardly any water sources where birds can enjoy a bath and quench their thirst.

There used to be a time when the public water taps were such sources.

Taps or water pumps where people who did not have water supplied to their homes joined the queue.

The flowing or stagnant water at these pumps served our birdies well.

A few crows and the odd sparrow, the only form of birdlife that the concrete jungle accommodates.

Kamla has been keeping mud pans and pots on the open balcony and on the terrace and filling them up with water.

She has had to refill them often - an indication of the demand for water at this time of the year.

You can also hang or fix these pots and pans on the branches of trees. Even on the trees that line your campus walls.

If you wish to be generous, you can provide grains in another pan.

These are little things we can do for our winged friends. And if you have children around, get them involved.

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Rakesh Rajkumar said...

Rather than a rope support for the banana tree i would suggest a bamboo stem support. The trunk of the banana tree is very delicate and it would break if you use a rope. May you can make a sheet out of Jute bag and use that to connect to a rope. Don't tie the rope directly on the stem. If the area spreding on the stem is broad the the chances for the stem to break is less. Think about it and make the kids come up with idea's. They good in bringing in new ideas.

Hope you get nioce and tasty banana's.