May 01, 2010

Neel Metal Fanalca has failed

This is an ‘open’ letter to the Mayor of Chennai, M. Subramaniam.

And it has to do with the private agency which has been signed on by the City Fathers to clear and dispose garbage in four zones of this city. Neel Metal Fanalca.

We have a Mayor who is at work. Consistent, on-the-job and committed too.

So I hope he gives this issue more than passing attention.

Yesterday, in the city council, many councillors had only harsh words for this agency. Some of them wanted the Corporation to terminate this contract. Some others wanted stringent action.

The Mayor has promised to act - he says he will pack off Neel Metal from one of the zones where it operates.

Many people would tell him that he should pack them off for good.

Neel Metal has to go. Now.

This is a company that just did not do its job from the month it took charge.

It never learned from its mistakes. It refused to improve and it seems to be enjoying its contract despite criticism from all sides.

And so I wonder, and so do many others - how does the state tolerate such an agency?

Neel Metal is paid well for the job it has been contracted to do. It had lessons to learn, follow or adapt from Onyx, the private agency which did the same job in the earlier years.

But it has failed. Miserably.

The money that is paid to Neel Metal is from the money we tax-payers pay to the city Corporation.

It has to be accountable. But it has not been so.

How then does Mayor Subramaniam, who is so keen about the state of this city allow this agency to carry on with its shoddy work?

I do not think Neel Metal can be given a third chance.

So, Mr. Mayor, instead of packing it off from one zone, pack it off for good and please find a better alternative.


Unknown said...

Right. Enough is enough. We need to our contract with onyx. they did an awesome job. Also their employees were very friendly!. Neel Metal sucks!! the handle these bins so roughly that the bins have cracked. We cant put the blame on them , we need to reform ourselves! many of the devotees of kapaleeshwar temple chuck the garbage outside the bins!

anjali venkat said...

It is high time that we residents of Chennai stop tolerating rubbish. Enough complaints, enough dithering, enough garbage ...enough said. Neel Metal Falanca has to go and has to go now.

Sujatha said...

I am happy that you have taken up this issue. Since the time neel metal has taken up work, the city has been smelling like a huge garbage dump. I would love to revisit the days of Onyx, when the city was really well maintained. Think that can happen again?
I was also thinking that Adyar times should do a series on "Invisible companies" such as Eureka Forbes; where you have access only to salesmen and a call centre. Water is a vital issue and it is time companies such as these appoint representatives/cells who will be responsible for complaints and action on them. Without accountability to public, these huge profitable companies remain faceless and their salesmen unscrupulous. With the reach you have if you could do anything in this area, it would be great, especially since there are as man y as 15000 unattanded complaints against Eureka Forbes as I write this. Keep up your good work!

Vasudha Prakash said...

Every morning when one leaves home for work one is confronted with the unpleasant, ugly sight of piles and piles of smelly garbage. This is enough to agitate and upset even the most equanimous among us. I am sure there were political reasons for discontinuing Onyx, although they were so effective. Neel Metal Fanalca just stinks literally and figuratively at its job. What is the use of claiming democracy and not exerting our rights as citizens even in simple every matters of life. We must raise our voices in unison to correct the corrupt practices which harm our everyday existence.

Anonymous said...

Very Correct. These people would definitely spoil the name of mayor's office.

Gayathri Jaishankar said...

Neel Metal stinks. Most of the employees of Onyx joined Neel; they were the ones who were doing a pretty neat job earlier. Their complaint is poor pay. But that's not something the 'cityzens' have to deal with. They better do a good job or get out.

Vaishnavi said...

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