October 28, 2012

Kolu, a family celebration

'My husband did most of the work!", she says.

The man smiles.

"In fact he did seventy percent of it!:, she adds.

We shake hands to congratulate him.

We have finished distributing prizes to the winners of a kolu contest 'Arcot Road Times' newspaper held in that neighbourhood and it is winding up time - I have to get back to my desk to write this column, put 'Mylapore Times' to bed and prepare for the kolu contest finale in Mylapore!

But I love this exchange at the hotel's hall.

A gracious woman happy to introduce her husband and give him the credit though she had come forward to register and accept the prize.

And I like the scene on stage as our photographers click group pictures. Couples, families and women join hands - in many ways the Navaratri kolu is a family celebration.

There is so much to the kolu.

The traditional and the creative.

As we sit in the darkened hall and watch the 18-minute rough-cut video film of all the kolus whose families registered for the contest here, we realize that one family exploited its little terrace to the maximum, with 'sets' side by side.

"You should be an art director in films!", I joke.

But seriously, I think we should be having two sets of awards.

One for the traditional kolu and one for the creative parts that are created on their fringe.

I have known people who spend their sleeping hours after a ten-hour day job creating works for the Navaratri kolu.

Perhaps, we should have an exhibition of all these wonderful kolus, or kolu craft at one place in the neighbourhood. 

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