October 20, 2012

Madras Monsoon

Monsoon has broken. The weatherman is not so sure. But you and I must be feeling good about the rain.
Monsoon does things to us all. I indulge in verse forms.

 Where to, asks the auto man.
Where else in this rain, I say.
How about the ECR, he asks me.
I say, "Take me where I can meet the rain!'

Chennai-specific indulgences should touch the heart, the nerve or the funny bone.

As I roll a few more verses, encouraged by the patter on the window-sill I wonder if there are spaces on the Web which carry Chennai-specific humour.

After all, did I not read somewhere that Chennai laughs at itself the most.

Chennai Corporation Commissioner D. Karthikeyan cannot have the luxury of this indulgence at this time of the year. Nor would Mayor Saidai Duraiswamy.

But monsoon is just the season when the city's creatively fun community can take off in limericks, cartoons or just words.

What were the last words uttered by the man who decided to have a 'chai' and got electrocuted when he stepped into a huge pool of rainwater?

Our city's foodies seem to react faster than the creatives - when it rains.

Best places to snack this monsoon, I ask on the Chennai Food Guide FB page. Dozen suggestions in 24 hours.

Bajji at Janal bajji kadai in Mylapore. Venkateswara Poli Stall, West Mambalam is another. Ask for veggie cheese toast bread sandwich at 'extreme left' stall outside Alsa Mall, Egmore, Bajji shop outside Adyar Bakery on Sardar Patel Road ( Thirumalai Cutlets) and Kartik Ganapati's tip - buy snacks at Food Court at Citi Centre mall, head to its terrace and watch the rain fall on the beachside . .

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