September 17, 2013

Exploring Fort St. George: Madras Week 2013

My next two Sunday mornings will take me to an old and favourite destination - Fort St. George.
I have a date to keep with the 2013 edition of the Madras Week celebration.

For some years now, I have made sure that the people of this city who wish to explore its past and its heritage have the pleasure of walking around this Fort.
Forts are small towns in themselves, with streets and roads, living and working quarters, barracks and stores, ramparts and moats. And with some space for imagination and free spirit, these places can make a very interesting destination.

And Fort St George has all this and more, its walls, nooks and buildings bouncing off stories that need to be retold.

A simple, free-wheeling walk around this campus by itself can be an enjoyable exercise.
Gazing at the cold cannons, taking in the Madrasterraced buildings, sitting inside St. Mary’s Church as the pianist plays for a Sunday service, walking to the ends of the many gates on all sides, walking up to the ramparts to take in the environs and sighing at the decaying, massive Kings Barracks that smells of stale rum. . . . .there is a lot to do inside this fort.

Thanks to the state government’s Public Department, I am permitted to take guests in and make the best in the two hours that we can spend here before the more enthusiastic walkers head to the Fort Museum, another place to discover at leisure.

Madras Week, which celebrates the founding of this city has provided a window for some people to explore the city closely and many others to participate in that journey.
Walks are just part of the many events that will be held from August 18 to 25 and beyond.

All of them are free and all have been a labour of love and voluntarism.
Make sure you attend some of these events. This is our city. And it has a history of its own.

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