June 20, 2009

Databasing the services

I need your help here. It may help me run the facilities of my office a tad better.
It is all to do with AMCs and refills and recharging and all that.
To do with the computers and UPS and batteries and air-conditioners.
We get into some kind of agreements, we sign some form of contracts and we agree to a variety of support.
But who is to keep tab of all this?
I tried to paste stickers on all our equipment and accessories so that we could jot down the dates and time and all that is required to keep the agreements going.
It helped to an extent - the air-conditioning staff who was late on call had only to stare at the sticker - the proof of the delay was documented!
Somewhere down the year we bypassed this practice. We could have blamed the heat or the deluge of paper sheets - they may have torn off the stickers!
Perhaps there is a better way to document AMCs, contracts and the rest. Perhaps a free software! The way we can be reminded when a deposit matures and when not to buy tomatoes because the weekly shopping budget has slipped into the red.
There should also be ways in which we can keep a tab on all the civic services and installations in our neighbourhoods - which will help us to raise questions and buttress arguments with the state agencies.
Residents of Karpagam Gardens often call to inform us of the power black outs which have been more frequent these past six months.
The transformer was changed, promising less hiccups.
It was done in December last year.
Cables have been changed but people are not sure when.
Sharper information helps to confront state agencies and keep them on their toes.
It also shows how involved a neighbourhood is.
Get going then. . .
Dear Engineer, 8th Cross St was relaid on May 15 and 16 and the budget was said to be Rs.99,000. On June 12, the bitumen came off at five places on both streets. Can you make the contractor accountable to this sorry state? Thanks and regards . .

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