June 06, 2009

We are throwing garbage at you!

When you wake up tomorrow morning don't be shocked if you find a plastic bag of rotting tomatoes in the car park or soggy paper flung at your windows.
Don't suspect this to be the handiwork of your neighbour.
This could well be part of a novel idea that was launched on World Environment Day.
Nobody knows who thought of this idea.
It was picked up in a trice and executed overnight.
Had it been a clever idea of Neel Metal Fanalca, then we should recommend this company for the Indira Gandhi Award that is given annually to all those who help save the earth and our neighbourhoods.
If I were heading Neel Metal I would have certainly backed this idea.
Garbage collection is sending us over the edge and just because citizens claim they pay their taxes and hence demand that garbage should be cleared thrice a day - that is not the end of it all. They too have a responsibility.
Too many people are saying that Neel Metal is not doing its job, that its bins always overflow, that its staff are hardly seen at work and that the City Fathers should suspend the contract.
If I were in Neel Metal I would turn the tables on people. All in the name of World Environment Day.
This is just the occasion to make a virtue of a bad situation.
If Greenpeace activists can clamber up shark-whaling vessels and pro-animal activists storm leather garment fashion shows, I don't see why throwing back vegetable waste and old clothes into garden yards and car parks of people is not the right thing to do - as long as it sends a message.
If I were heading Neel Metal I would probably do a symbolic act. There are too many unhappy people out there. And we have just bought hundreds of tricycles to collect the waste and it cost us many, many lakhs.
Maybe we will throw back the torn T-shirt you dumped into the bin yesterday.


DS said...

Happy to read a bold article. We share your feelings in this issue.

Maybe we should do something about the too many unhappy people out there. What say you?

Anonymous said...

What are you suggesting Mr D'Souza ? Should we throw wads of currency into garbage bins instead of torn T Shirts and kitchen waste ?

Neel metal is doing a terrible job of clearing garbage and keeping our streets clean. Preaching about garbage etiquette is not a substitute for their dereliction of duty.

Pl. don't forget that Onyx did a much better job under similar circumstances. We should start a campaign for Neel Metal to shape up or ship out.